Titanic Coal Wood & Rust Embed

Drop Anchor Creations

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These blanks contain a small piece of coal from the Titanic as well as a small piece of wood from the ship, along with a piece of rust from the Titanic's Bollard.

A COA is included with your blank.

You have the choice of either a 2 tube JR 12.5 or a one tube Derek/Dennis 10.5 Kit

I have made Antique JR George kits available here, please only purchase them if you are purchasing a blank to go with it, Orders for this particular kit alone will be refunded.

The Derek/Dennis as well as the Antique Brass JR George can be purchased over at Turnerswarehouse.

These were cast in epoxy resin. 

The coins are real US Currency.

Please use a squaring jig with a sander to square up your label cast blanks, a barrel trimmer is not recommended, as it can damage the label.