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Wizarding People

Wizarding People

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These hybrids are each made with a different wood related to the Harry Potter Franchise.

I highly suggest using the our new Broadside kit or Sierra Grande

Dumbledore: Eilean na Moine (printed art label)

Harry: Durham Cathedral (printed art label)

Luna Lovegood: Gloucester Cathdral (printed art label)

Dobby: Durham Cathedral (printed art label)

Professor Umbrige: Durham Cathedral (printed label) with costume swatch from her pink dress

Hagrid: Hagrids Hut (printed lable) with Hagrid Cloak Embed

Some items are made to order and will be shipped in 1-2 days.

Please use a squaring jig with a sander to square up your label cast  blanks, a barrel trimmer is not recommended, as it can damage the label.